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what is internet leased line, How doest it work

Leased Line Services

What is a leased line? How does a leased line work?

A Leased Line is a permanent fiber optic cable established between two points to connect them. It is a type of a communication line set between two remotely located places. Leased lines can also be referred to as a dedicated line. The speeds on these lines differ from 64 kilobits per second (Kbps) to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps), while the bandwidth depends on the size of data used, amount of users using the line and the number of programs running at same time. These private lines not only give speedy and consistent data transfer, but also offer an unmatched level of security to keep the data protected.

Benefits of Leased Line over a Broadband Connection

Benefits of leased line over a broadband connection have encouraged a lot of businesses to consider such a service. In the past few years, immense development has been seen in the industry where it is easy to get a business internet connection of different types.

In fact without a stable and efficient connection over the internet, survival in any business is extremely difficult. It is on such a service that almost every company relies on these days. Access to the service should be constant with a high speed internet connection as only then it will prove to be beneficial.

No Bandwidth Sharing

There is no need for sharing bandwidth with other users. Since other users do not access this business internet connection, security of data is maintained. This is an internet connection available at high speed, is active at all times and allows incessant and even internet service which is one of the benefits of leased line over a broadband connection.

You may wonder for which type of business, an internet leased line proves to be beneficial or not. Actually, it is the larger business enterprises that can enjoy maximum advantage of this service. For the medium and smaller business enterprises, this may not prove to be a feasible option. In India the leased lines have been gaining popularity gradually.

Best for Larger Businesses

What are the benefits of leased line over a broadband connection? If yours is a large business enterprise then the internet leased line is the perfect choice. Two places are linked with a fibre optic cable in this service thus allowing a channel for effective communication.

This high speed internet connection is considered safe and reliable besides which the cable offers services on the internet. At the desired premises fitting of a router is done separately for accessing the internet. Connectivity offered is excellent besides which it makes the service even more profitable and productive which is one of the benefits of leased line over a broadband connection. As compared to the broadband connection in standard from this service is dedicated to one user which proves to be beneficial.

Find a Genuine and Reliable Provider

Standard internet connections are now being replaced. In almost every metro city it is easy to avail, leased line services. Before considering a connection for a leased line a suggestion to conduct extensive research needs to be followed. Try to ensure that the provider for leased line service is genuine, reliable and affordable so that benefits of leased line over a broadband connection can be reaped.

There is huge competition amongst providers of leased line services and hence finding a reputed and reliable one is not at all difficult. Ensure that the provider offers 24x7 customer support and care as well. Talking to a few people who are already using particular leased lines is beneficial. You will at least get an idea of the benefits of leased line over a broadband connection and which of the leased lines are being popularly used in the market.


  • Leased Line Features Checkbox Internet Leased Lines ranging from NxE1/Ds3/STM1
  • Leased Line Features Checkbox Guaranteed bandwidth for critical business usage, (Symmetric 1:1 bandwidth only).
  • Leased Line Features Checkbox Highly Reliable connectivity with redundancy on domestic & international backbone.
  • Leased Line Features Checkbox Increased network resilience through multiple last mile options.
  • Leased Line Features CheckboxState-of-the-art N + N redundant infrastructure to support 99.99 port availability.
  • Leased Line Features CheckboxConnectivity thru Trans-Atlantic & Trans-Pacific routes ensuring lower latencies to Europe, USA (E &W), Middle-East & APAC region.
  • Leased Line Features CheckboxFortified architecture with Firewall, IDS , IPS, Content filtering etc.
  • Leased Line Features Checkbox24/7/365 Network & security monitoring with technical helpdesk.
  • Leased Line Features CheckboxLeased line services are available in Ahmedabad and we are expanding our networks over India rapidly.
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