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VOIP for Home

A residential VOIP phone system can tremendously reduce your monthly phone bill compared to a traditional residential phone system. VOIP solutions host most residential VOIP systems. Residential VoIP phone systems are generally much cheaper than traditional telephone systems. Most residential VoIP systems are provided by Hosted PBX providers, although there are other options.

Benefits of Residential VOIP

Switching to VoIP is one of the most convenient money-saving steps homeowners can take. Now that most internet users have broadband access taking advantage of the many benefits of residential VoIP service is easier than ever.

Unlimited incoming calls from the USA, UK, Canada etc. countries.

Low cost - Fixed Rentals

Make unlimited outbound calls to USA, Canada & UK(LL) at a fixed monthly cost of Rs.2200*

Saving with VOIP

The primary attraction of VoIP is its affordability in comparison with traditional landlines. Voice Over IP, or VoIP, is more cost-effective because, unlike landline providers, VoIP providers don't need to tack on the service charges, taxes, and other fees that drive up customers' phone bills. Many residential customers who have switched from traditional landlines see their bills reduced by 50 per cent. Likewise, coupon sites offer additional discounts for VoIP customers, and providers often extend sign-up bonuses and special offers, creating the potential for even more significant savings.

Superior features for residential VOIP service

In addition to being the most cost-effective home phone option, VoIP providers offer several services that are not available with landlines. Because of the unique way VoIP and ATA (traditional phones fitted with a simple internet adapter) receive data, service providers can offer several premium features at no cost. Even the most basic VoIP plans include services only available from landlines providers for a significant fee.

These features include Caller ID, E911, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Simultaneous Ring, Address Book, Virtual Second Line, 3-Way Calling, Choose Your Area Code, and more. These features allow users to enjoy low-cost and often unlimited long-distance calls to the U.S., Canada and many other countries.

VoIP and International Calls

Using a traditional phone company to make international calls is prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, the advent of VoIP is making it possible for customers to call worldwide at a fraction of the cost. Because each region has a different infrastructure and cost formation in landline and cellular services, there are variations in pricing from country to country. In the simplest terms, calling within a VoIP network is accessible anywhere.

Calling an international landline is often free or inexpensive, depending on the provider’s presence in the target country. Calling international cell numbers is sometimes costlier than calling a landline because cellular providers have their networks and therefore can set their fees, but in all cases, using VoIP for international calls is more affordable than it would be with a traditional phone company.